1646 London Confession of Faith

Particular Baptists

Originally Printed In 1646

Posted On Oct. 28, 2015

A CONFESSION OF FAITH of Seven Congregations or Churches of Christ in London, which are commonly {but unjustly} called Ana-Baptists. Published for the Vindication of the Truth, and Information of the Ignorant; likewise for the Taking off of those Aspersions which are frequently both in Pulpit and Print Unjustly Cast Upon Them.

To free ourselves and the truth we profess from unjust aspersions, that it may be at liberty, though we be in bonds, we have published a brief confession of our faith; {which we conceive most void of contention in these sad and troublesome times.} The thoughts of our hearts as in the presence of God we here declare, that it may appear to the consciences of them that fear God, what wrong we suffer from some who have ability to cast mists, and dark clouds, which overshadow the glory of the truth, and them that profess it. Jude, 14, 15. And although they acknowledge with us that the truth is not fully discovered, yet they will tie all future discovery to a former light, and conceive they do well in so doing. But God will by His truth show their error, and exalt Jesus Christ, the chief Cornerstone, which the builders so much reject. And lest this should be thought to be the judgment of some particular persons, this is done by the consent and appointment of seven congregations or churches in London, with the names of some of each of them subscribed in the behalf of the whole. And although we be distinct in our meetings, for convenience; yet are we one in faith, fellowship, and communion, holding Jesus Christ for our Head and Lawgiver, under whose Rule and Government we desire to walk, and to follow the Lamb wheresoever he goeth, that when our Lord and King shall call us to account, we may be found ready and worthy to be received into our Master’s joy. Until which time we desire to spend these few days we have here to remain, to the Glory of God, the honour of the Gospel, the saints' comfort, and our country’s good, to our own account at the great day when Christ shall come in flaming fire, taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. II Thes.1:8.