Neonomianism Unmasked OR, A Plea for the ANCIENT GOSPEL

Isaac Chauncy

Originally Printed In 1692

Posted On Oct. 25, 2017

A Theological debate, occasioned by a book lately written by Mr. Daniel Williams, entitled, Gospel Truth Stated & Vindicated; Unwarily Commended and Subscribed by some divines. Mr. Chauncy, acting on the behalf, and in the person of, one Doctor Tobias Crisp, whose sermons have been ransacked - viciously rent and torn asunder by men whose poisoned minds have been directed to view the message of the pure Gospel of Grace through the spectacles of the Law; in these spiritual conversations not only vindicates, but also attempts to set forth the glorious Gospel of Christ, in all its assimilating truth, as a pure declaration of free & sovereign grace, in the free proclamation of an accomplished redemption through the sole merit, righteousness, and death of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Isaac Chauncy, 1632–1712, Congregational Minister of the Gospel, was the eldest son of Charles Chauncy, Minister of Ware, in Hertfordshire, a Puritan, who sought a sanctuary from persecution in America, where he was appointed president of Harvard College. Chauncy himself entered Harvard College in 1651, where he studied both theology and medicine. Due to the religious freedom then established during the reign of Oliver Cromwell, Chauncy was enabled to return to England, where he completed his education at Oxford University, and was subsequently given the Rectory of Woodborough, Wiltshire, where he resided until ejected by the Act of Uniformity in 1662. From there he removed to Andover, where he was, for some time, pastor of a Congregational Church. He came to London, soon after the recalling of King Charles’s indulgence, with a view to practice medicine, which was hereditary in his family; but, after the death of Mr. Clarkson, he was, in the year 1687, induced to accept the pastorate of an Independent Meeting-House in Bury Street, St. Mary Axe, over which he presided for fourteen years. This is the same pulpit which was occupied in recent years by Joseph Caryl, John Owen, and David Clarkson. During the 1690’s, Chauncy was the main spokesman for the old ‘Calvinistic’ position in the Neonomian Controversy, arguing against Arminian tendencies within dissent; he was a voluminous author, but is best remembered for his work in 3 parts entitled, “Neonomianism Unmasked; or the Ancient Gospel pleaded against the other, called a New Law, or Gospel, &c.,” which represents a collection of his anti-Neonomian tracts.

Besides a prefatory epistle to Clarkson's ‘Primitive Episcopacy,’ 1688, and an edition of John Owen’s ‘Gospel Grounds,’ 1709, he published: 1. The Catholic Hierarchy, or the Divine Right of a Sacred Dominion in Church and Conscience, truly Stated, Asserted and Pleaded. London. 1681. 2. A Theological Dialogue, containing the Defense and Justification of Dr. John Owen, from the 42 errors charged upon him by Mr. Richard Baxter. 1684. 3. The Second Part of the Theological Dialogue, being a Rejoinder to Mr. Richard Baxter. 1684. 4. The Unreasonableness of compelling men to the Lord’s Supper; wherein it’s shown, that such Compulsion is contrary to the whole Tenor of the Gospel, the Common Prayer, Articles of the Church of England, and the Homily concerning the Sacrament, in which is answered a Pamphlet, entitled, the Case of compelling to the Lord’s Supper, &c., vindicated by the Rules of the Gospel. 1684. 5. Ecclesia Enucleatà, the Temple Opened, or a Clear Demonstration of the true Gospel-Church, in its Nature and Constitution, according to the Doctrine and Practice of Christ and his Apostles. 1684. 6. The Interest of Churches, or a Scripture plea for Steadfastness in Gospel Order. 1690. 7. Ecclesiasticum, or a plain and familiar Christian Conference concerning Gospel Churches and Order. 1690. 8. Neonomianism Unmasked; or the Ancient Gospel pleaded against the other, called a New Law, or Gospel, &c., three parts, 1692–3. 9. A Rejoinder to Mr. Daniel Williams, his reply to the first part of Neonomianism Unmasked, &c., 1693. 10. A Discourse concerning Unction and Washing of Feet, &c., 1697. 11. The Divine Institution of Congregational Churches, Ministry, and Ordinances, &c., 1697. 12. An essay to the Interpretation of the Angel Gabriel’s prophesy delivered by the Prophet Daniel, 1699. 13. Christ’s Ascension to fill all things … A sermon on Ephesians 4:10, 1699. 14. Alexipharmacon; or a fresh antidote against the Neonomian Bane and Poison to the Protestant Religion, &c., 1700. 15. The Doctrine which is according to Godliness, &c. 1700.