Free Justification in Christ

A Member of the Church of Christ

Originally Printed In 1693

Posted On Nov. 6, 2016

A Very short and brief account of the Free Justification of God’s elect, from the condemning power of the Law, by that law change of persons, {flowing from an eternal act of Grace; by way of Covenant transaction between the Father and Son;} which brought Christ as Mediator, under the Curse and Condemnation of the broken Law, in the very room and place of elect sinners. Whereunto are added, some questions concerning this point; proposed to be answered by those that do so confidently affirm, that the elect of God are equally with others, under the same condemning power of the Law, before Faith.

From the Preface: That which hath occasioned the publication of this short treatise {concerning Justification} to the world, is this. A poor member of the church of Christ in the country, having affirmed, that God’s elect were never under the condemning power of the Law, being chosen in Christ as the elect Head and Mediator of a Free and Absolute Covenant of Grace to them; thereupon some arguments arising, this being by some condemned as not agreeable to Holy Scripture, these following lines were offered, to clear up the point, desiring an answer again in writing; that the truth might appear, by an attentive and loving answer to some objections; which being refused, made it seem {at least to me} as though the refusers of so Scriptural a proposition, were conscious themselves, that affirming the contrary was more grounded upon authors, than upon any clear Scripture proof; which made them so shy of coming to the light of God’s Word, to clear up their so often affirmed assertions, that the very persons of God’s chosen ones were under Curse and Wrath, and the condemning Power of the Law, before believing equally with the non-elect; and the refusing to give clear Scripture proof for this opinion hath occasioned the publication of these following lines, humbly desiring that it might please Almighty God to vindicate and defend his own Truth, on which side soever it be found, and plainly discover and bring to light all mistakes of this nature. Therefore, read and examine every sentence by the unerring Word of God, and the Lord the Spirit, vouchsafe to give out his light and special teachings, in the diligent search of the Holy Scriptures.