Marrow of Christianity

Thomas Collier

Originally Printed In 1647

Posted On Jan. 3, 2017

THE MARROW OF CHRISTIANITY OR a spiritual discovery of some Principles of Truth; meet to be known of all the saints represented in ten SECTIONS. Introduction written by JOHN SALTMARSH. To which is added: A brief Discovery of Antichrist, both in the Mystery, and in the History & A Discourse on the True Gospel Blessedness in the New Covenant. By Thomas Collier. 1647.

Thomas Collier, 1615-1691, was a leader among the Early Particular Baptists; and whilst it’s true that Collier towards the latter years of his life was mentally defrocked and confounded by the LORD in spiritual judgment and understanding, this radical change of sentiments did not take place until well into the 1650’s as could easily be proved by searching his various writings prior to that period. His Anti-Arminianism tract entitled “Three Great Queries” {published in London in 1645} in which he sets out to refute those who held Arminian views, especially their opinions about General Redemption, Free Will, and Falling from Grace, remains a bulwark against all Arminian endeavors to corrupt the Gospel. During this period Collier’s Gospel sentiments, especially in relation to the truths of Sovereign Grace were all in line with the First London Confession {1644/46} and the purest forms of Gospel Truth.

Collier at this time was a faithful exponent of the Gospel of Christ, and more especially of those truths respecting the overthrow of man in religion, and the pre-eminence of Christ in Salvation. At a stroke Collier demystifies Faith. Justification is an act of Christ; it is not an act of faith, and thus he faithfully opposed the majority who maintain that faith is to be understood as the instrumental cause of Justification, as he argued for the Gospel Truth that faith in laying hold and grasping the truth of the righteousness of Christ never brings that righteousness to the soul, in a way of effecting justification in time, but only declares the presence and truth of salvation accomplished by Christ.

Likewise, he denounced the established clergy as antichristian, affirmed the vital necessity of Divine Revelation, Holy Spirit wrought Conviction, etched clear Law & Gospel Distinctions, called for toleration of all but Paptists and blasphemers; denied the popular notion of a visible, personal reign of Christ on earth; and though he affirmed that Christ’s new kingdom was imminent, yet he asserted that it would come within the parameters of a spiritual realm, Christ enthroned in the affections of his people. The ruin of antichrist, according to Collier, was the faithful proclamation of the Gospel, and the sermon is, “fear God, and give glory to Him.” This sermon is that which will ruin Antichrist, both in the letter, and in the spirit. Give glory to God, that God is all, and in all, Col.3:11, that God be your enjoyment in the spirit, living upon nothing below Him; giving no glory to creatures, duties, actings or anything either of the first Adam or Antichrist. Give glory to God in the letter, give not glory to man; nor set up man in the room {place} of God, {II Thes.2:4,} do not cry the voice of man, and not of God, in any of the things of God; and this is the sermon that shall ruin Antichrist.”