Collected Writings

Samuel Richardson

Originally Printed In 1645-1658

Posted On April 13, 2017

Collected Writings of Samuel Richardson: Containing - Biographical Sketch - Some Brief Considerations on Doctor Featley’s Book / 1645 - The Saint’s Desire; or a Cordial for a Fainting Soul / 1647 - Certain Questions Propounded to the Assembly / 1647 - Justification by Christ Alone / 1647 - Necessity of Religious Toleration / 1647 & Plain Dealing / 1656 - Divine Consolations or A Fountain of Life & Comfort / 1649 - An Answer to the London Ministers Letter / 1649 - The Cause of the Poor Pleaded / 1653 - An Apology for The Present Government / 1654 - A Discourse on the Torments of Hell / 1658 - London Confession of Faith / 1646.

Samuel Richardson, 1602-1658, was a leader among the Early Particular Baptists. From his writings we can easily observe that Richardson was a Firm Advocate for the Cause of Religious Liberty; a Loyal Supporter of the Government of Oliver Cromwell, and the Parliamentary Cause; and above all an Exalter of Christ Alone & fervent Setter Forth of Christ’s Glory & Preeminence in Salvation. He most definitely was a formative leader of the early English Particular Baptists, and one of the twelve signers of the 1644; and slightly revised 1646 London Confession of Faith.

This is a complete collection of all the available writings of Samuel Richardson between the years 1645-1658. From the Preface of his work entitled, Justification by Christ Alone, published in 1647, we extract the following remarks. “Some place Justification to be only in the conscience. But we place it only in Christ where it is, and to whom it belongs. Justification consists in the taking away of sin. None but Christ can do that. Justification and Acceptation are one. For without Justification there is no acceptation. And seeing we are accepted in Christ, we are justified in Him. If our Justification be a spiritual blessing, {as it is,} then it is in Christ where all spiritual blessings are. “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.” Eph.1:3. Where our Redemption and Righteousness are, there is our Justification. Righteousness and Justification are one. This we have not in our selves but in Christ, “who is made unto us of God, wisdom and righteousness.” I Cor.1:30. “In whom we have redemption.” Col.1:14. Our Justification is a part of our completeness. Therefore, where we are complete, there we are justified. But we are not complete in ourselves, but in Him. “And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power.” Col.2:10. If all things on which depends our happiness were accomplished, John 19:28, {“Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled;} then was our Justification also accomplished. For without that no man could be saved. This mystery of Christ is a great mystery. Oh meditate and dive as deep as you are able into this mystery. The benefit will be great and sweet. The more I am exercised herein, the more I see into it and enjoy Justification by Christ alone, and more clearly see our believing cannot justify us. Yet I deny not but the power to believe is from the Spirit, who is the life of motion in faith. The life of faith is the life of Christ as I have treated elsewhere; what faith is, and what it does, and wherein it differs from presumption, etc. God hath given faith in his elect to know, assent and believe the Truth. Acts 13:48. This encourages us to go to God for all we need. Acts 26:18. This enables us to suffer for Christ; this enables us to conquer enemies, Eph.6:16; and makes our afflictions easy to bear. It enables us to obey, Rom.16:26; and helps us to cleave to God, Acts 11:23, and to His word. Psal.119:30,31.”