The Doctrine of Particular Election before Time

James Barry

Originally Printed In 1700

Posted On June 8, 2018

The Doctrine of Particular Election before Time. Asserted and Proved by God’s Word, against the Quakers, Papists and Arminians. In Answer to a Challenge given the Author to make good {by the Scriptures of Truth} the above-said Doctrine. Wherein is Evidently Discovered. I. That the above-said doctrine, rightly understood and believed, {with application to one’s self,} is the great enemy of sin, both in the heart and life of a true Believer; and that which keeps the Believer from despair, in the deepest desertion and temptation. II. That the doctrine of free-will and general redemption, &c., is an inlet to, and an encourager of sin; and which leads in the end to horrid despair, under powerful awakenings in the natural consciences of an unregenerate man. “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matt. 24:24.

Note by William Huntington: His books were printed by Mr. Marshall in Newgate Street; but none of his works have fallen into my hands but the last mentioned. When he had finished the book which he entitled, The Spirit of Prayer, he sold the copy to the Printer, and strictly charged him not to alter the title, or the work; but the publisher sent it out with this title, A Help to Prayer. I cannot learn that Dr. Calamy, or any other writer of the History of the Puritans, took any notice of him, which is easily accounted for, God having stripped him of all confidence in the flesh, and wiped him out of the cathedral, his testimony could never gain him any credit among the Tories, Papists or rotten Arminians, whose craft is always in danger from such witnesses; therefore, when they become historians, they are sure to bury the names of such men, and their testimonies, in silence, lest the devil’s interest should fall to the ground. Should any of the other books fall into my hands, they shall appear in the world again, if God permit. W.H. 1788.

Excerpt: The denying the doctrine of God’s sovereignty, in electing and reprobating lapsed and guilty rebels, and teaching and maintaining, both in pulpit and print, free-will to good in unregenerate men, as also the doctrine of general redemption, is a doctrine which is altogether unscriptural; and because of men’s violence and peremptoriness in teaching and propagating the same, and their obstinacy in refusing to receive and submit to the contrary doctrine, which is according to the Scriptures, the only doctrine which designs the destruction of sin in the hearts and lives of true believers, and the promoter of true holiness, God most justly punisheth such people with a giving them up, not only to believe the most nonsensical lies for true religion, but even to wallow like swine in the mire of the grossest immoralities, even to an excelling the very pagan world.